Fishing Tackle and Techniques

Fly fishing only is allowed during April and September and although bait fishing is allowed throughout the rest of the season on the main river below Lyne Foot, spinning reels, floats, maggots and minnow fishing are banned at all times.

The majority of anglers fly-fish and a suitable outfit would consist of an 8 – 9 ft. fly rod rated for a 5 – 6 wt. floating line with a cast of 3 – 4 lb. nylon.

Fly Fishing using a Dry Fly

The river Tweed has some excellent hatches of fly throughout the season and as such, dry fly has traditionally been the preferred method of local anglers. Hatch times vary depending on the river conditions but generally, these occur during the day in the early part of the season between April and June and in the evening during the warmer months of July and August

Suitable dry flies include:

Size 14-18 Column 3
March Brown Greenwell’s Glory Yellow Sally
Border Greenwell Grey Hen and Rust Blue Hen and Yellow
Blue Winged Olive Iron Blue Dun Grey Hen and Yellow
Sedges Blue Hen and Yellow Tupp’s Indespensible

Fly Fishing using a Wet Fly

Wet fly can be productive during fly hatches and at times when there is no surface activity. Wet fly is probably the best method for anyone new to fly fishing or for those who struggle to see a small dry fly in broken water. It is also the only the only method suitable for night fishing which is allowed in June and July.

Suitable wet flies include:

Size 12-14
March Brown Greenwell’s Glory Snipe and Purple
Invicta Mallard and Claret Partridge and Orange
Hare’s Lug Olives Wickham’s Fancy
Silver Butcher

Nymph Fishing

Nymph fishing is the least used method locally but can be highly successful. Some anglers have had good catches using weighted / Czech Nymphs, especially in deep fast streams that are not suitable for wet or dry fly. Also, grayling tend to be caught more often using this method.

Suitable flies include Czech Nymphs and Bugs in various sizes and weights.

Season Tickets

Season Tickets are available for a modest cost and can be purchased online via the link below.