Rules Of The Association

1. This ticket shall only be available to the party in whose favour it is granted and it is not transferable.

2. The holder of this ticket will have the privilege of fly-fishing for grayling or wild brown trout during the relevant season with a single rod and line using flies on barbless, de-barbed or micro-barb hooks only, Mondays to Saturdays only, during the period stated on the ticket, but the holder must not kill any trout or grayling, or any smolts or parr.

3. All fish to be carefully returned to the water. Always use wet hands when handling fish. Try to unhook fish in the water. This is less stressful and less likely to damage the fish. If a fish has swallowed a hook, cut off the spare nylon rather than damage the fish. Digestive fluids and rust will eventually break down the hook.

4. Bait fishing is only allowed on the Town Water (from the top end of Hay Lodge Park to Priorsford Bridge) by under 18’s, otherwise fly fishing only is allowed all season.

5. Club and Competitive fishing is prohibited.

6. Any ticket-holder found fishing on a Sunday will be severely penalised.

7. The holder of this ticket must exhibit it to the River Warden or Association Watchers or other persons having authority to demand exhibition thereof at all times when asked to do so, and any person refusing or failing to exhibit this ticket may be turned off the river, and the ticket forfeited.

8. The holder of this ticket undertakes to fish with fly only, and to give all the assistance in his/her power to prevent illegal fishing and poaching. It shall be his/her duty at once to report all illegal acts to the Secretary, River Warden or Watchers, and he/she shall allow the Watchers or other persons duly authorised to inspect any fish and tackle in his/her possession.

9. No ticket holder shall be allowed to sell his/her fish.

10. No ticket-holder shall be accompanied by a dog.

11. Ticket holders are requested to close all gates through which they pass, and to avoid damaging fences or other property, or disturbing game.

12. The grayling fishing season shall commence on 1st January and shall terminate on 30th September. Anglers are encouraged to avoid specifically targeting grayling during April and May, i.e. whilst and just after spawning. The trout fishing season shall commence on 1st April and shall terminate on 30th September. No night fishing except during June and July, and then no fishing between the hours of 1 o’clock a.m. and 4 o’clock a.m.

13. Ticket holder are requested to pay special attention to these rules to see that they are duly observed. Leaving of litter, particularly broken glass, is prohibited.

14. Any ticket-holder who has been convicted of a breach of the Tweed Fisheries Acts or the Fresh Water Fisheries Acts then in force, or who takes any fish by means other than rod and line and legal lure, or who the Committee are satisfied has fished in any of the reserved stretches shall thereupon surrender his/her ticket and shall not be granted another for at least one year, subject to a right of appeal to the Committee.

15. The use of tackle that has been taken abroad is prohibited.

16. Shuffling is strictly prohibited.

17. Any holder of a ticket infringing any of the foregoing Rules and Regulations shall forfeit his/her ticket, and the leave granted will at once cease. Such forfeiture shall be at once instructed by a letter under the hand of the Secretary of the Association, directed to the ticket-holder at the address stated in his/her ticket

18. All Trout and Grayling anglers MUST give way to Salmon fishers.

Season Tickets

Season Tickets are available for a modest cost and can be purchased online via the link below.